5K, k?

Wanna run or walk with us? The Space has created a team that will participate in the Comer Children’s 5k Walk/Run this fall and we’d LOVE to have you join us.

What’s Happening at the Space this month.

Here’s what’s happening at The Space this month:-Mart’s lupus walk is June 9th at 10 am.  Are you going? You can shoot him an email if you need the deets again. -Mackenzie is now offering Kamp Kettlebell, where she’ll show you the ins and outs of kettlebell training.  Email her here if you’re interested in playing.  -Antione Jackson … Continued

Happy Mother’s Day

Please look at these funnies. Is it just me or are they hilarious (perhaps I find them even more hysterical because I’M A MOM NOW)?

Baby, It’s Cold

Ok, we know it’s cold.  In fact, it’s freakin’ freezing.  So what now? Shall we all throw on our cow hides and huddle around a fire? Perhaps not. In a NORMAL scenario, one of the worst things you can do for yourself is nothing.  Of course, if you’re injured or have medical reason not to move, … Continued

Meet Annie Padrid of the Space

Check out this great article from Voyage Chicago interviewing our very own Annie Padrid. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. When I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2005, I moved home (Chicago) and was nannying while I … Continued