• A:We have a $49.00 membership initiation fee and 30 day cancellation policy.

  • A: None, zero, nada. Memberships are run on a month-to-month basis, and there are no fees to start, stop, or pause it.

  • A: Shoot us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll make a date- anniepadrid@gmail.com or 773-662-6693. We’re all about relationships here, and we like to know our members.

  • A: Once you become a member, we are open 24/7, baby; we literally never close. Members receive a key fob allowing that crucial 24-hour access. Before you become a member, phone calls are answered or responded to before 8 pm every night, and email is answered ASAP.

  • A: Totally. We want you to show us off! A few caveats: you can bring a guest once on the house; if they’d like to come again, they’ll need to pay the $10 guest fee. They’ll also need to sign a waiver before using the facility, so make sure you check in before bringing someone along.

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