Lisa Faser


Certification: American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

Private One-on-One Sessions with Daily Programming
(I provide a detailed description of sessions performed if you’d like to practice on your own)

Who I am
Hi! I’m Lisa. My whole life, I’ve been an active woman, but as I entered my 40s, I found my mobility limited by the “pains of getting older.” I began to see my life as something other than what I always had and chose the sofa more often than not. Once I got a grip on myself, and refused to accept a future of ibuprofen and sitting, I went back to school and took classes in Kinesiology, Bio Mechanics, and Personal Training in the hopes of alleviating my own discomfort. As I pursued my education, and applied what I’d learned to my own daily function, not only did I experience a drastic decrease in pain and a renewed vitality, but I completely fell in love with the profession, and wanted to give others the same experience I’d helped to give myself. So here I am, a trainer, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I work with everyone and every BODY. I especially enjoy working with older adults who are determined not to take aging lying down, literally. I’d love to be by your side as we help imporve strength, stability, mobility and energy. Besides, it’s much more rewarding to put your feet up AFTER a great workout!

A Bit About Me (a bit less relevant but fun nonetheless)

My favorite color is purple, and my favorite food is bacon, but crispy, not the mushy version. My favorite place to vacation is anywhere with my husband and no alarm clock.

Fun Fact: I’m not a doctor, but I played one on TV

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