Booker Little

Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications: ACE

Individual Training Group Circuit Training
Hey guys, my name is Booker Little. I have been with The Space for a little over three years now, but I’ve been training for four. I work with individuals in a one-on-one setting, as well as larger groups through circuit training sessions. I’d love to work with you and can’t wait to show you our new digs.

The greatest part about training, for me, is the pride I take in helping people establish a healthy lifestyle, and reating habits that are SUSTAINABLE and can be maintained long-term. I specialize in building strength, overall pulmonary and cardiovascular conditioning, and of course, and functional movement. Through my work with clients, I’ve learned that while the aesthetic side effects are certainly a motivating factor, they are not the ultimate goal. We have to teach our body proper mechanics in order to train safely and to foster a work ethic that allows us to push just below our limits. This is how we end up feeling strong, empowered, and healthy for as long as we can. The end game is longevity, and I’m here for it, for you.
Favorite Food: Pasta (seriously, give me all the carbs) Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Vacation Spot: South Beach (surprised?)
My grandfather was a famous musician; any guesses as to his name?

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