Mart Brewer



Individual Training
Small Group Training
Circuit Training Classes

Hi! My name is Mart Brewer and The Space is my home. I work with clients one on one; I train duos and small groups, and I teach circuit training classes four times a week (see schedule for times!). I’d love to show you what I do; first class is always on me.

Success for both trainer and client is determined almost exclusively by the compatibility between us. If you, as my client, trust me wholly as your trainer, we can work together to help get you to your goal. The most genuinely rewarding part of what I do is watching my clients get better each week; improve and reach goals in ways he or she wasn’t sure was possible. I take time to understand each client from a holistic point of view: what are your needs emotionally, mentally, and physically? What motivates you, both intrinsically and extrinsically? I’m interested in understanding YOU and what makes you move! I’d love to meet you; let’s get going!

Favorite Food: Steak, nice and rare
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation Spot: Puerto Rico

I’m a full blown sneaker head; bring on the shoes!

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