Let us show you around the Space.


Vinyasa Yoga with Emma

Vinyasa yoga incorporates a series of postures, or flows, to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility. This class works the entire body from arms and legs, to your core and back! Any and all levels are welcome as variations, modifications, and props are readily available! Come on in, get ready to sweat, and let’s go with the vinyasa flow! 

Ropes Gone Wild! Circuit Training with Mart

Ropes classes are full body workouts, using the infamous battle ropes as our focus.  Groups within class are based in three to four people, and circuit movement is always based on the person who’s operating the ropes! The workouts are fun and super high energy.  Come battle with us!

Circuit Crazy (Formerly Known as Abs and Core Bootcamp)

Boot Camps are based on either time or repetitions; for instance, 30 seconds of pushups, or 20 squat thrusters.  The workouts are designed specifically to hit every inch of your body, for maximum output, and ultimate success.  The exercises are creative and exciting, and the atmosphere is encouraging and positive. Come, play, be fit!

Tai Chi for Seniors with Brian

Tai chi is low impact, weight bearing, aerobic exercise rooted in Chinese martial arts. Utilizing slow, gentle movements, deep breathing and mindful meditation, Tai Chi for Seniors is a class that will greatly benefit anyone seeking to improve their health. More specifically, we focus on balance and increased joint stability through breathing and shifts in body weight.  Whether or not you’ve done Tai Chi before does not matter; join us. First class is always on the house..

Sweat with Swagg with Cortez

Sweat With Swagg is a fitness dance class with a unique blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, line dancing, and calisthenics. Its an amazing workout, tons of fun, and you dont have to be a good dancer to enjoy yourself.  We turn the studio into a choreographed party, lots of sweat, and a whole lot of swagg.


To Purchase a package of 10 or 15 of any of the classes, bring your smiling face to the Space and we will take care of that for you!