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Ropes Gone Wild! Circuit Training with Mart

Ropes classes are full body workouts, using the infamous battle ropes as our focus.  Groups within class are based in three to four people, and circuit movement is always based on the person who’s operating the ropes! The workouts are fun and super high energy.  Come battle with us!

Circuit Crazy (Formerly Known as Abs and Core Bootcamp)

Boot Camps are based on either time or repetitions; for instance, 30 seconds of pushups, or 20 squat thrusters.  The workouts are designed specifically to hit every inch of your body, for maximum output, and ultimate success.  The exercises are creative and exciting, and the atmosphere is encouraging and positive. Come, play, be fit!

Kettlebell Khaos

A weekly group training session with emphasis on strength, mobility, proper form, and safety that will have you pushing weight, gaining muscle and burning fat in ways you never thought possible. Group classes start Saturday November 20. Reserve your spot today.  Need more info? Call or text Coach Jay at (312)415-4490 or email Jay.




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